The Giant Tree-ster Eggs Of Petrified Forest National Park

If we were to hop into a time machine and travel back to the year 220 million BC, let’s just say things wouldn’t go well for us. This was a time when the food chain was dominated by crocodiles the size of our RV, and when modern day Arizona was a veritable Jurassic Park of dinosaurs and jungles as beautiful as they were dangerous. Imagine us visiting Isla Nublar, but instead of Jeff Goldblum’s pithy comic relief, it’s pure terror and there is no Dr. Grant to save you.

Fortunately, this era has been fossilized and preserved for a far safer experience in the year 2019, and in this episode of Parklandia, we recount our visit to Petrified Forest National Parkand the crystalline beauty of its namesake attraction.

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